September 09 2021

Old Tree Stumps? How to Get Rid of Them

Congratulations on finally cutting down that old, ugly tree! But the work isn’t done yet, because you have a massive tree stump left in the middle of your yard. While it is true that some homeowners will leave the stumps alone and just do their yardwork around them, others will prefer to get rid of them. However, this isn’t as easy of a task as it is to simply cut down the tree. With a stump, there are roots in the ground, which allow the tree stumps to remain strong and intact for years, sometimes decades. So, here is how to get rid of it:

  • Dig the Stump Out – Although it is not the easiest solution, it does seem to be the simplest. Just dig the tree stump out of the ground. You can use a shovel and a dig a perimeter around it. Eventually, you’ll be able to dig underneath it. You want to expose the roots since is the roots that are keeping the stump alive and firm in place. Once exposed, you will need to cut them with a root saw or an axe. Once finished, you can remove the entire stump and be done with it.
  • Burn the Stump – This is the easiest DIY solution for removing the stump since it doesn’t require much effort on your part. Before you create a campfire on top of the stump, pour light fluid on it and set it on fire, you will want to make sure that there is ample clearance around the stump so that nothing catches on fire that shouldn’t.
  • Hire the Pros – If you don’t want to remove the stump yourself, then you should hire a professional who performs tree stump removal and grinding services, like Always Trees. We have the expertise and tools necessary to fully and adequately remove your old tree stumps to the extent that the tree will never regrow.

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