October 10 2021

How Does a Professional Prune Young Trees?

In order to have lush, health trees in the future, it is imperative that the trees receive adequate pruning often while they are young. Young trees that actually receive the right pruning and trimming will be much easier to maintain as they mature. Plus, professional tree trimming and pruning will help maintain the appearance and shape of the young tree as it grows. This, in turn, helps to improve your home’s overall curb appeal. Here is how a professional tree trimming and pruning company in Huntsville, Alabama will take care of your young trees:

The Tree Will First Be Inspected.

The first step in establishing young trees is to examine the tree to identify any signs of disease or damage. If the young tree is not healthy, it is crucial to begin treatment now to strengthen the tree so that proper growth can be achieved.

Cut Locations on the Tree Will Be Identified.

In order for a young tree to grow properly, the location where the pruning cut is made is critical. Prior to any cuts being made, a professional will look at the tree to determine where the best place is for a cut to made that will avoid trunk damage and will not compromise the response to wounds (how the tree reacts and heals once the cuts are made). If improper cuts are made, it could lead to internal decay that is irreversible.

Permanent Branches Will Be Selected.

While it is important to identify the right cut locations to ensure proper wound response, it is also critical that the permanent branches be identified radially and vertically for spacing and balance. Overall, an expert will examine the tree as a whole, its relative size and the angles of branches when selecting the permanent branches.

A Strong Structure Will Be Established.

Scaffold branches must be established, as this is going to be the framework for the mature tree. A central trunk will need to be established by selecting well-spaced, sturdy branches. This helps to “train” the young tree to develop a firm structure as it grows. In addition, this step helps to ensure that the mature tree doesn’t need as much corrective pruning.

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